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Mos Anna - 03.11.2009


Open Women - 1987 - Age:22

09AUTC01Grand Prix of the Cable - Finale09.08.2009Manche 10,50/55/14.25RkL7960RC28,9mRC
Manche 24,50/55/14.25RkL7530RC29,9mRC
09CZEC01Grand Prix of Cable 200902.08.2009Manche 12,50/55/16.00RkL7710RkL28,5mRkL
Manche 23,00/55/16.00RkL6490RkL27,6mRkL
09CZEC02EAME cableski Championships13.09.2009Manche 13,00/55/16.00RC6880RC28,8mRC
Manche 26630RC
09POLC01Grand prix of the cable # Szczecinek 20019.07.2009Manche 13,00/55/18.25RkL4390RkL22,8mRkL
Manche 25,00/55/18.25RkL4550RkL
09SVKC01Grand Prix of Cable 200926.07.2009Manche 12,00/55/18.25RkL7090RkL24,8mRkL
Manche 27340RkL24,5mRkL