Family Name Spelling Error

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Family Name Spelling Error

Post by Gamster » 05 Aug 2019, 16:52

Hi there

The skier below is showing with an incorrect family name...

Devilliers Andre RSA Open Men - 1987 - Age:32 Ranking Id: RSA032000398

His corrected family name should read: De Villiers Once amended, you may find he is already in the data base from a few years back.
Thanks a lot

Andy :)

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Re: Family Name Spelling Error

Post by admin » 06 Aug 2019, 12:29

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the correction.
The wrong spelling comes from a competition in the USA.
As I never got any barefooter database from you or anybody else, I cannot look years back !
The actual database is fed from the competitions I receive.

RL Admin

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