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ranking update

Posted: 08 Sep 2017, 10:30
by mapatwins
Hello, we think you forgot to update our result following the Linz Trophy in Slalom U12 Code: 17AUT005 cause I can't see my 5@14.25/52 as it figures on the tournament board for Hannah Madritsch ( ranking Id AUT702020002) and I canĀ“t see the 1@14.25/52 for my sister Laura Madritsch (ranking ID: AUT 672020003). Both results are our second best performance and not what is written right now in the rancing list.

Thank you and sorry for disturbing.
Hannah and Laura

Re: ranking update

Posted: 09 Sep 2017, 12:04
by admin
Hi Hannah and Laura,

The best 2 scores on two different sites are counting.
You scored better (0.5/52/13) in Linz at another tournament (17AUT006, Jugend Meisterschaft)
The second score have to be done at a different site.

Same for Laura.

RL Admin