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Competitions results and ranking lists 2019 Moomba Night Jump & Slalom

Yarra River Melbourns


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Moomba Night Jump Final (pdf)

Moomba Sunday Night Jump (pdf)

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2019 Moomba Night Jump & Slalom
Yarra River Melbourns - 7/11 Mar 2019

2019 Moomba Night Jump & Slalom - Individual classification - Moomba Sunday Night Jump

2019 Moomba Night Jump & Slalom

Moomba Sunday Night Jump Results

Homologation: Normal - 7/03/2019 - 11/03/2019
  Name Country Categ. Prelminary Round 1 Round 2 Round 3    
1 Garcia Taylor USA
Ope M 63.5m (208ft) 62.9m (206ft) 63.9m (210ft)    
2 Krueger Freddy USA
Ope M 65.9m (216ft) 65.2m (214ft) 63.7m (209ft)    
3 Miranda Rodrigo CHI
Ope M 63.9m (210ft) 0.00m (0ft)      
4 Miranda Felipe CHI
Ope M 62.4m (205ft)        
5 Morozov Igor RUS
Ope M 58.2m (191ft)        
6 Ritter Emile CHI
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