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Europa-Africa Confederation - Disabled waterskiers Ranking list 2014
Eame Ranking lists

List of included competitions (received homologation dossiers).

You can find the results of competitions here.

News :

  • Last publication: 27th of November 2014

  • By TC decision, following score have been limited:

    E&A Championships - 14EACD002
    - Claire Ellis - Tricks R1 - Score of 1980 reduce to 1700
    - Daniele Cassioli - Tricks R2 - Score of 1880 reduce to 1770

    Coupe de Muret - 14EACD006:
    - Delphine Le Sausse - Tricks R1 - Score of 1520 reduce to 1340
    - Delphine Le Sausse - Tricks R2 - Score of 1520 reduce to 1340
    - Daniele Cassioli - Tricks R2 - Score of 1990 reduce to 1910

Notes :

  • This is the official disabled ranking list of E&A Confederation.

  • It includes all received homologation dossiers up to now.

  • Slalom, tricks and jump ranking lists are made with the best performance and sorted with E&A overall points.

  • Overall ranking list is made with the overall score made in one round of one competition.
    E&A overall formulas are applied.

If you find an error, have corrections or suggestions, please write to me on the forum.
Please mention which skier, competition code, and where to find an official proof of your performance.

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