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Europa-Africa-Middle East - Waterskiers Ranking list 2009
Eame Ranking lists

List of included competitions (received homologation dossiers).

You can find the results of competitions here or here.

News :

  • Last publication: 4th of december 2009

  • Competiton 10S016R and 10S057R added

  • Competition 09BEL12 added

  • French skier without valid competitor license removed

  • by TC decision, the following competitions are changed:
    09FRA34 normal homologation
    09ITA12 Round 1,2,3 RL, and 4th round normal homologated
    09NED08 not homologated
    09RUS05 not homologated
    09RUS06 not homologated

  • List for seniors 2 and 3 added

  • Competiton 09RSA11 was wrong: updated

Notes :

  • This is the official ranking list of Eame.

  • It includes all received homologation dossiers up to now.
    Eame and Awsa competitions are inputted automatically.
    For other missing competitions, please send me a link to the scorebook of the competition. Try here.

  • Slalom, tricks and jump ranking lists are made with the 2 best performances made on two different sites.

  • Ties on the ranking list will be broken by taking the highest score first to break the tie, then backed up by the second score, then the third score and so on (Iwsf rule).

  • Competitions homlogated as "Normal" are included but performances are limited as per Eame additional rule 25.1:
    Men 6@58/14.25
    4000 pts 40m
    Women 4@55/14.25 3250 pts 29m
    Tricks scores above 10 000 pts not made in a Record capability competition are also limited (Iwsf rule).
    Those limited performances are indicated with a star: *6@55/14.25.

  • Overall ranking list is made with the overall score made in one round of one competition.
    Eame overall formulas are applied.

If you find an error, have corrections or suggestions, please write to me on the forum.
Please mention which skier, competition code, and where to find an official proof of your performance.

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