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Princes Pro-Am/Team Challenge
Princes Ski Club - 27/29 Aug 2010 2010

Princes Pro-Am/Team Challenge - Starting List - Open Men D2 Slalom Round 1

Princes Pro-Am/Team Challenge

Open Men D2 Slalom Round 1 Starting list

Homologation: World record - 8/27/2010 - 8/29/2010
      Name Country   Score
58/14.25 1 USA Shorsky Shawn *USA    
  2 NZL Milicich Garth *NZL    
  3 FRA Chambaud Romain *FRA    
  4 FRA Dailland Thibaut *FRA    
  5 GBR Campbell Glenn *GBR    
  6 ITA Luzzeri Matteo *ITA    
  7 GBR Winter Fred *GBR    
  8 FRA Descuns Sacha *FRA    
  9 USA Winter Terry *USA    
  10 USA Brantley Tom *USA    
  11 USA Susi Billy *USA    
  12 GBR Travers Jon *GBR    
  13 USA Brown Marcus *USA    
  14 ITA Allais Carlo *ITA    
  15 USA Beaucheane Jamie *USA    
  16 NZL Larkin Aaron *NZL    
  17 USA Parsons Nick *USA    
  18 USA Rossi Chris *USA    
  19 GBR Asher William *GBR    
  20 USA Parrish Chris *USA International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Europe - Africa, Bekersveld 9, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium copyright © iwwf-ea - all rights reserved