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Three Sisters WSC


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  Over 55 Men Slalom
  Over 45 Men Slalom

  Under 10 Boys Slalom

  Under 12 Boys Slalom

  Under 14 Boys Slalom

  Under 17 Boys Slalom

  Under 21 Ladies Slalom

  Under 21 Men Slalom

  Open Men Slalom

  Over 35 Ladies Slalom

  Over 35 Men Slalom
Three Sisters Treble
Three Sisters WSC - 11 Aug 2011 2011

Three Sisters Treble - Skiers list - All skiers

Three Sisters Treble

Alphabetic list All skiers

Name Country   Categ.        
Barlow James *GBR GBR -21 M Slalom      
Bethell Malc *GBR GBR 55+ M Slalom      
Brassington Mathew *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Brisbourne Andy *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Broadhurst John *GBR GBR 55+ M Slalom      
Campbell Glenn *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Davies Peter *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Fairhurst Mike *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Fardon Allan *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Fardon Tom *GBR GBR -17 M Slalom      
Finley Andrew *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Hazelwood Robert *GBR GBR -12 M Slalom      
Higgs Paul *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Hughes Philip *GBR GBR 55+ M Slalom      
Jackson Lee *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Jones Keith *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Jones Natalie *GBR GBR -21 F Slalom      
Kennedy Shireen *GBR GBR 35+ F Slalom      
Kerr Adam *GBR GBR -21 M Slalom      
Kerr Jonathon *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Kinnane David *GBR GBR -17 M Slalom      
Kinnane Sam *GBR GBR -12 M Slalom      
Knight Paul *GBR GBR Ope M Slalom      
Lillis Stuart *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Metcalf Jim *GBR GBR 55+ M Slalom      
Nugent Steve *GBR GBR 45+ M Slalom      
Philips John *GBR GBR 55+ M Slalom      
Rhodes Nicholas GBR GBR -21 M Slalom      
Robinson Marcus *GBR GBR -10 M Slalom      
Sharp Simon *GBR GBR 35+ M Slalom      
Shorten Danielle *GBR GBR -21 F Slalom      
Spavin Harry *GBR GBR -14 M Slalom      
Spence Dan *GBR GBR -21 M Slalom      
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