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Competitions results and ranking lists Campeonato Panamericano 2018

Lago Los Morros - Chile


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Under 14 Girls Slalom  (pdf)
Under 14 Girls Tricks  (pdf)
Under 14 Girls Jump  (pdf)
Under 14 Girls Overall  (pdf)

Under 14 Boys Slalom  (pdf)
Under 14 Boys Tricks  (pdf)
Under 14 Boys Jump  (pdf)
Under 14 Boys Overall  (pdf)

Under 17 Girls Slalom  (pdf)
Under 17 Girls Tricks  (pdf)
Under 17 Girls Jump  (pdf)
Under 17 Girls Overall  (pdf)

Under 17 Boys Slalom  (pdf)
Under 17 Boys Tricks  (pdf)
Under 17 Boys Jump  (pdf)
Under 17 Boys Overall  (pdf)

Under 21 Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Under 21 Ladies Tricks  (pdf)
Under 21 Ladies Jump  (pdf)
Under 21 Ladies Overall  (pdf)

Under 21 Men Slalom  (pdf)
Under 21 Men Tricks  (pdf)
Under 21 Men Jump  (pdf)
Under 21 Men Overall  (pdf)

Open Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Open Ladies Tricks  (pdf)
Open Ladies Jump  (pdf)
Open Ladies Overall  (pdf)

Open Men Slalom  (pdf)
Open Men Tricks  (pdf)
Open Men Jump  (pdf)
Open Men Overall  (pdf)

Over 35 Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Over 35 Ladies Tricks  (pdf)
Over 35 Ladies Jump  (pdf)
Over 35 Ladies Overall  (pdf)

Over 35 Men Slalom  (pdf)
Over 35 Men Tricks  (pdf)
Over 35 Men Jump  (pdf)
Over 35 Men Overall  (pdf)

Over 45 Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Over 45 Ladies Tricks  (pdf)
Over 45 Ladies Jump  (pdf)
Over 45 Ladies Overall  (pdf)

Over 45 Men Slalom  (pdf)
Over 45 Men Tricks  (pdf)
Over 45 Men Jump  (pdf)
Over 45 Men Overall  (pdf)

Over 55 Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Over 55 Ladies Tricks  (pdf)
Over 55 Ladies Jump  (pdf)
Over 55 Ladies Overall  (pdf)

Over 55 Men Slalom  (pdf)
Over 55 Men Tricks  (pdf)
Over 55 Men Jump  (pdf)
Over 55 Men Overall  (pdf)

Overall Over 35 Team classification (pdf)
Overall Under 14 Team classification (pdf)
Overall Over 55 Team classification (pdf)
Overall Over 45 Team classification (pdf)
Overall Under 17 Team classification (pdf)
Overall Open Team classification (pdf)
Overall Under 21 Team classification (pdf)
Campeonato Panamericano 2018
Lago Los Morros - Chile - 12/18 Nov 2018 2018

Campeonato Panamericano 2018 - Individual classification - Under 14 Boys Jump

Campeonato Panamericano 2018

Under 14 Boys Jump Results

Homologation: Ranking List - 12/11/2018 - 18/11/2018
  Name Country Preliminary Final    
1 Pinette Lucas CAN
36,6m (120ft) 35,2m (115ft)    
2 Galindo D. Sebastian COL
30,1m (99ft) 30,3m (99ft)    
3 Blair Will USA
26,7m (88ft) 27,6m (91ft)    
4 Barrientos Santiago CHI
27,3m (90ft) 27,3m (90ft)    
5 Reese Carter USA
26,7m (88ft) 26,5m (87ft)    
6 Boskus Andrew USA
34,8m (114ft) 0,00m (0ft)    
7 Giorgis Francisco ARG
26,2m (86ft)      
8 Kraus Evan CAN
25,9m (85ft)      
9 Martinez M. Sebastian COL
25,2m (83ft)      
10 Rojas Z. Juan Jose COL
25,1m (82ft)      
11 Acevedo I. Samuel COL
23,0m (75ft)      
12 Gisler Erich ARG
20,7m (68ft)      
12 Piwonka Juan Luis CHI
20,7m (68ft)      
14 Gonzalez Matias CHI
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