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Competitions results and ranking lists 2015 Disabled World Water Ski Championships

Shortline Lake, Elk Grove, California

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2015 Disabled World Water Ski Championships
Shortline Lake, Elk Grove, California - 21/27 Sep 2015 2015

2015 Disabled World Water Ski Championships - Individual classification - Full Results

2015 Disabled World Water Ski Championships

Standing Men Slalom Results

Homologation: World record - 9/21/2015 - 9/27/2015
  Bib Name Country Categ. Preliminary Final   Overall
1 (16) Timm, Craig USA
A M 3.00/58/18.25 4.00/58/18.25   899.22
2 (31) Van Der Ploeg, Toon NED
A M 3.00/55/18.25 3.00/55/18.25   790.70
3 (44) Lanthaler, Christian ITA
L M 0.00/58/16.00 4.50/58/18.25   800.00
4 (35) Tuck, Gord CAN
L M 4.00/55/18.25 5.00/55/18.25   706.67
5 (17) Hancock, Jeff USA
L M 2.50/55/18.25     673.33
6 (11) Bell, Sam AUS
L M 5.00/52     626.67
7 (12) Mcdonald, Jamie AUS
AL1 M 5.50/31 inner     63.95 International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Europe - Africa, Bekersveld 9, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium copyright © iwwf-ea - all rights reserved