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Dubna - Moscow Region

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Waterski World Championships
Dubna - Moscow Region - 18/24 Jul 2011 2011

Waterski World Championships - Individual classification - Open Men Jump

Waterski World Championships

Open Men Jump Results

Homologation: World record - 18/07/2011 - 24/07/2011
  Name Country   Categ. Eliminatory Final    
1 Krueger Freddy USA USA Ope M 65.2m (214ft) 69.5m (228ft)    
2 Bradstreet Timothy AUS AUS Ope M 65.0m (213ft) 67.5m (221ft)    
3 Miranda Rodrigo CHI CHI Ope M 63.6m (209ft) 66.0m (217ft)    
4 Worden Zack *USA USA Ope M 61.2m (201ft) 65.5m (215ft)    
5 Sharman Damien GBR GBR Ope M 63.1m (207ft) 65.2m (214ft)    
6 Koestenberger Claudio AUT AUT Ope M 64.5m (212ft) 64.9m (213ft)    
7 Llewellyn Jaret CAN CAN Ope M 65.4m (215ft) 64.1m (210ft)    
8 Green Ryan AUS AUS Ope M 64.7m (212ft) 63.2m (207ft)    
9 Schipner Bojan GER GER Ope M 62.6m (205ft) 62.7m (206ft)    
10 Asher Thomas *GBR GBR Ope M 61.2m (201ft) 61.1m (200ft)    
11 Seels Jason *GBR GBR Ope M 61.5m (202ft) 60.4m (198ft)    
12 Magnowski Kole CAN CAN Ope M 61.1m (200ft)
(Tie break: 64.2m (211ft))
60.2m (198ft)    
13 Ryanzin Vladimir RUS RUS Ope M 61.1m (200ft)
(Tie break: 51.6m (169ft))
14 Sedlmajer Adam CZE CZE Ope M 60.5m (198ft)      
15 Critchley Stephen GBR GBR Ope M 60.2m (198ft)      
16 Beliakou Herman BLR BLR Ope M 60.1m (197ft)      
17 Miranda Felipe CHI CHI Ope M 59.8m (196ft)      
18 Deviatovski Oleg BLR BLR Ope M 58.5m (192ft)      
19 Selsor Storm *USA USA Ope M 58.3m (191ft)      
20 Siegert Esteban COL COL Ope M 58.0m (190ft)      
21 Moreno De Carlos Alvaro ESP ESP Ope M 57.4m (188ft)      
22 Julio Javier ARG ARG Ope M 56.7m (186ft)      
23 Linares Roberto COL COL Ope M 55.7m (183ft)      
24 Atkinson Cole NZL NZL Ope M 54.6m (179ft)      
25 Green Lance NZL NZL Ope M 53.9m (177ft)      
26 Correa Santiago COL COL Ope M 53.3m (175ft)      
27 Noguera Verges Lluis ESP ESP Ope M 53.2m (175ft)      
28 Donald James NZL NZL Ope M 52.6m (173ft)      
29 Kolman Martin CZE CZE Ope M 51.7m (170ft)      
30 Earl James GBR GBR Ope M 51.4m (169ft)      
31 Ambrosi Sandro MEX MEX Ope M 50.7m (166ft)      
32 Lazinskas Ricardas LTU LTU Ope M 50.6m (166ft)      
33 Vikstrom Oskar SWE SWE Ope M 50.1m (164ft)      
34 Pinto Biescas Marcel ESP ESP Ope M 50.0m (164ft)      
35 Lopez Martin ARG ARG Ope M 46.4m (152ft)      
36 Lamadrid Alejandro MEX MEX Ope M 46.3m (152ft)      
37 Fairbank Simon RSA RSA Ope M 45.2m (148ft)      
38 Giacometti Sebastien SUI SUI Ope M 44.1m (145ft)      
39 Patricio Augustin ARG ARG Ope M 40.9m (134ft)      
40 Yamaguchi Kohei JPN JPN Ope M 38.5m (126ft) International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Europe - Africa, Bekersveld 9, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium copyright © iwwf-ea - all rights reserved