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Dubna - Moscow Region

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Waterski World Championships
Dubna - Moscow Region - 18/24 Jul 2011 2011

Waterski World Championships - Individual classification - Open Ladies Jump

Waterski World Championships

Open Ladies Jump Results

Homologation: World record - 18/07/2011 - 24/07/2011
  Name Country   Categ. Eliminatory Final    
1 Berdnikava Natallia BLR BLR Ope F 51.3m (168ft) 51.2m (168ft)    
2 Carroll Jacinta AUS AUS Ope F 49.3m (162ft) 50.8m (167ft)    
3 Vympranietsova Marie GRE GRE Ope F 49.1m (161ft) 50.0m (164ft)    
4 Mathieu Marion FRA FRA Ope F 47.6m (156ft) 50.0m (164ft)    
5 Jaquess Regina USA USA Ope F 46.0m (151ft) 49.9m (164ft)    
6 Turets Iryna BLR BLR Ope F 49.8m (163ft) 48.5m (159ft)    
7 Lauretano Alex USA USA Ope F 45.8m (150ft) 47.7m (156ft)    
8 Jepsen Maj Lund DEN DEN Ope F 45.9m (151ft) 47.6m (156ft)    
9 Lammi Jutta FIN FIN Ope F 45.2m (148ft) 45.6m (150ft)    
10 Chardin Nancy *FRA FRA Ope F 47.7m (156ft) 44.3m (145ft)    
11 Morgan Lauren *USA USA Ope F 47.4m (156ft) 44.3m (145ft)    
12 Kashitsina Olga RUS RUS Ope F 47.6m (156ft) 44.0m (144ft)    
13 Costard Manon *FRA FRA Ope F 44.8m (147ft)      
14 Lucine Clementine FRA FRA Ope F 44.5m (146ft)      
15 Adriaensen Kate BEL BEL Ope F 44.3m (145ft)      
15 Hirosawa Saaya JPN JPN Ope F 44.3m (145ft)      
17 Rauchenwald Tina AUT AUT Ope F 44.1m (145ft)      
18 Ross Megan NZL NZL Ope F 43.6m (143ft)      
19 Amade Anais FRA FRA Ope F 42.7m (140ft)      
20 Mcclintock Whitney CAN CAN Ope F 42.4m (139ft)      
21 Veramchuk Maryia BLR BLR Ope F 42.1m (138ft)      
22 Hensley Caroline USA USA Ope F 41.5m (136ft)      
23 Shorten Danielle GBR GBR Ope F 41.1m (135ft)      
24 Bennett Danyelle *USA USA Ope F 40.5m (133ft)      
25 Humphrey Cathryn AUS AUS Ope F 39.0m (128ft)      
26 Kamiya Harue JPN JPN Ope F 34.7m (114ft)      
27 Hannah Renee NZL NZL Ope F 34.0m (112ft)      
28 Martin Samantha RSA RSA Ope F 32.5m (107ft)      
29 Miranda Tiare CHI CHI Ope F 31.9m (105ft)      
30 Naser Nicole CHI CHI Ope F 27.4m (90ft)      
31 Yoong-Bayly Phillipa MAS MAS Ope F 25.1m (82ft) International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Europe - Africa, Bekersveld 9, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium copyright © iwwf-ea - all rights reserved